Preferred Alternative Identified

The 117th Street Reconstruction Project team prepared preliminary roadway design concepts and hosted an in-person public open house in December 2021. After gathering further public input the project team refined the roadway design and has identified a preferred alternative. 

Visit the Public Engagement tab to view preferred the alternative and meeting materials presented at the open house. Thank you!

Project Background

    • 117th Street in Inver Grove Heights is an essential transportation corridor for locals and commuters alike.
    • As a prominent commuter route, 117th Street serves one of the largest hubs of industrial activity in the state.
    • The current corridor of 117th Street is congesting the major commercial activity that relies on the roadway for access to I35E from Dakota County Road 32 and Hwy 52.

Project Overview

    • The 117th Street Reconstruction Project will enhance this transportation system’s efficiency and mobility, improve roadway safety and business access along 117th Street, and facilitate the phased development of an essential east-west transportation corridor within the region.
    • This will be done through a 10-Ton pavement, 55 mph speed limit, and State Aid compliant design that reduces access points along 117th Street, provides adequate turn lanes where applicable, and upgrades the two existing at-grade railroad crossings to current safety standards.